Food and nourishment is the chosen medium of my work, and the finished object oscillates between the expendability of consumer goods and the permanence of art.

In the desire to share our epicurean delights with others, a common ground is created where questions of aesthetics and plasticity are raised.
These gourmet assemblies that take everyday forms are neither anodyne nor innocent. In these works, which emerge from a poetic system of colour and form, I reanimate objects in a way that borders on kitsch and reveals something new to the audience.
Risk-taking is an integral part of creation, and working with food requires detailed preparation and a disciplined production line.
All of these choices result in the creation of something quintessentially feminine. The domestic layout and composition is presented in a delicate array of colour, inviting feelings of softness and warmth.
In time the lacquered surface of Still-life installation subtly changes, as ripeness begins to wilt and the enticement and seduction of freshness gives way to the repulsion of rot and decay. Each transformation distils new surfaces, patinae and form. A minutely composed chain reaction occurs, in which beauty reinvents herself in a continual metamorphosis.
The process of sharing an elaborate meal moves through different moods. Be it from following the recipe to tasting the dishes, from appetite to forbidden pleasures, from social division to cultural belonging or from an established ritual to the invention of a new one.
The very act of eating reveals its beauty both in the fragility of the ephemeral and the strength of historical symbols and social codes. Food as a timeless source of pleasure is increasingly necessary in a world where everything is eaten, and the pace of digestion becomes faster and faster.