Pain surprise

Sandwich breads, food coloring agents, garnish, plastic bags, adhesive tape, approximately 250 triangle sandwiches, 200x200 cm, culinary installation, October 6th, 2011 for the art opening ESCLOPEANDO of Natacha Sansoz at Tinbox Gallery, Exodo, Evento, Bordeaux.

I thought of this culinary installation as a variation on bread, the French symbolic and traditional food. Far from the baguette ham butter sandwich, these small triangle sandwiches powerfully colored, repulsive, intriguants and nevertheless very good become a graphic pattern ready to be savoured. Contained in bags directly Scotch-taped to the wall, they can be take-away such as doggy-bags so thus developing the pattern and the installation, until complete disappearance.

Pictures by Erell Perrodo