Pour une bouchée de pain

16 editions of butter portions in ceramic and gold, 3x5x1,5 cm, realized in association with ESA superior school of art of Pyrenees, Berinak/ the shop windows II, Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle.

During the 16 days of the second edition of the route Berinak/ the shop windows, the regular customers of the bakery of Darrigues were able to win a ceramic and gold work of art, inserted by the baker into one of its breads for sale. Daily, a fortunate won a work of art. A certificate of authenticity of work of art, signed and dated was handed to the winners, then a photo in memory was put up in the shop window.
This work in progress plays on the idea of improvement of our everyday life, deals with the relationship of the public and art. These butters become small lingots that enhance and brings to light our relationship with the everyday life.