Sunday Canteen: Episodes Five and Six


Sunday Canteen combines art and food. The fifth and sixth episodes took place for the “Green Moon” event and under the auspices of Exodo, providers of public spaces for contemporary art in Bordeaux.
I was invited to prepare meals for two different art events. I used the occasions to bring people together and share a meal in an unusual time and space, encompassed by a gallery or installation. In this way, I was able to produce a meal whose themes mirrored its surroundings.

Somewhere between illegal restaurant and nice dinner between friends, "Dimanche Cantine" events' purpose is to meet over a fixed-price meal. Products are fresh, the wine is good and will be offer a delightful meal for a more-than-reasonable price...

The principle is simple, you just have to sign up places are limited, menu and address are revealed a few days before the dinner.

Partnership: XVIII Bordeaux, Exodo public spaces of contemporary art and l'Agence Créative.

Pictures: Flore Grassiot.