A table...

To create this gourmet installation, I worked in close co-operation with the friends of the Musée Calbet association.

It is the result of a collective reflection on the notion of heritage, gastronomic culture, plastic and aesthetic forms. 
The outcome is a “museum buffet” which offers the public an opportunity to try little jellied and colored objects, samples from a tasting puzzle which combines each of its piece to a specific taste and links them together, enabling conversations to mingle with degustation.

Within the same space, other installations recall the notion of heritage interacting with the buffet.
The spectator bends to the table to choose a sample, then picks a merveille fritter made by a friend of the museum, which is hung to a beam with a gold paper ribbon.
Further on, a ceiling rose has been turned into a panacotta, mixing architecture and pastry design.

All to be enjoyed with a glass of Marquisette, a speciality drink prepared by Rolande, friend of the museum.

Production musée Calbet, invited byYvan Poulain, in co-operation with the friends of the museum association and with the precious help of Erell Perrodo.
Pics by: E. Perrodo.